Vendo 81 Replacement Cooling System / Compressor

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Drop-in replacement cooling system for a Vendo 81 drink machine.

  • Drop-in, charged, and ready to install.
  • The customer is responsible for installation, or you can hire a refrigeration person to do it for you.
  • Product may vary from image based on your machine.
  • Warranty and Extended Warranty Information


Vendo 81 Complete Cooling System / Replacement Compressor

  • This is a completely new cooling system, and it is designed to fit into your vintage cola machine with little adaptation, such as bending the tube.
  • This is a new, not a refurbished, system made to order.  New coils, fans, compressor, wiring, thermostat, tubing, capillary tubing
  • The cooling system comes fully charged and ready to run after you install and plus it in, with 134A Refrigerant
  • Warranty Information
  • Note that this is not an exact reproduction of the original but instead is designed as a replacement cooling system.
  • Your unit may vary from the image shown
  • Each order is built to order, the production time is about 1 week.
  • We ship to the USA only by ground
  • Shipping is included to US Mainland addresses.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 33 in

15 reviews for Vendo 81 Replacement Cooling System / Compressor

  1. Sam S. (verified owner)

    I had been wanting to get my Vendo 81 Coke vending machine working again for 15 years. The wires were frayed and the machine had been flooded. I really didn’t know where to start. I found this cooling system on and thought it would be the perfect option to get the machine working again. It was a little wary of ordering such an expensive item on the internet. I am beyond pleased on the ordering experience. I received a order confirmation the next day and a picture of the shipping label a few days later. My cooling system arrived in the stated amount of time and securely packed. I had taken the machine apart to clean it and was expecting that I would be able to install the new cooling system myself. The cooling system comes in in two large sections connected by copper tubing and wire. I removed the old cooling system in the same two section. There were a few screws in the back of the smaller section securing it in the back. There is also a plate that protects the wire and tubing between the large and small sections that was easily removed and replaced when the new system was installed. The larger cooling system section was secured with one bolt that was easily removed. The larger section of the new cooling system was installed with the same bolt that held the old cooling system. The tricky part (but not that tricky) was to make pilot holes and install the new smaller section by screwing it to the back of the machine. I also used a metal plate from the old system to use for the thermostat dial. Probably a few ways to do that part but I am pleased with the result I got. I plugged it in and it worked. I then spent some time trying to wire the light to the new cooling system. There was wire with crimp connectors on the new cooling system for the light. I had to remove the panel from the back of the door to get to wire that wasn’t destroyed. There is about a thousand screws so that was awesome. I connected that wire to extension cord wire and then connected that to the cooling system. To my surprise and delight the light in the door still worked. I set my dial to 3 and I have Coke machine filled with ice cold Coke Zero (my preferred beverage) 500ml plastic bottles and 12oz cans. I had to remove the bottle locking devices to get it to fit those sizes so I am obviously not going for authentic. I have been using it for a few days and I could not be happier.

  2. William Kolozsi (verified owner)

    For over five years I was looking for a trustworthy replacement for our cooling system. I looked into refurb of the old unit but decided that I am not a purist and did not need the original. I found several companies, but waited and they are no longer around. I watched VintageCola for one year then decided to make the jump. Best decision I made. Installation was not difficult and the cooling is excellent. Best decision I made and great to have our coke machine back. Great decision and highly recommended. You will not be sorry.

  3. Greg M. (verified owner)

    I bought the unit for my 1955 Vendo 81a machine. Ordering was easy, delivered right on time. I installed it myself, and using the helpful tips on the website it was easy. Works great, very happy

  4. John H. (verified owner)

    Terrific product. Exactly what I needed. Installation was flawless and straightforward. Thanks for a great product and great service Dave

  5. Eddie Wilemon (verified owner)

    Still waiting on delivery

  6. Bob M. (verified owner)

    My 1956 Vendo 81 coke machine hasn’t worked in a year. I’m more than thrilled to have my machine up and running again! The new compressor came very well packed and was pretty easy to install. It was money well spent to have my coke machine back! Thanks

  7. Dennis (verified owner)

    easy install, operates well

  8. Adam E. (verified owner)

    It looks wonderful and cools great! Would highly recommend.

  9. Larry L. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Easy to install. Great product!

  10. kirby snider (verified owner)

    Easy Installation. Super cold. A+

  11. Doug Franklin (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping, I install it the next day it working great.
    Thank You DOUG

  12. Andy Edwards

    Purchased two units for two chest type coke machines. I have installed one about 2 months ago and it is working great! It was very easy to install. it is also very quiet. Thank you.

  13. thomas levendoski (verified owner)

    Works great!!!

  14. Joseph Owens (verified owner)

    Unit was easy to install and is working great.

  15. Mark (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for Vendorlator Pepsi machine. Works great, better than original cooling unit. Already have another exact one in a Vendo 81D Coca Cola machine for a year which has worked perfectly

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