Replacement Cooling Systems for Vintage Drink Machines

About Our Replacement Cooling Systems & Compressors

  • We sell complete compressor refrigeration cooling systems for 1940s, 1950’s and 1960’s vintage Coke, Coca Cola, Pepsi & Other Antique Soda Drink Vending Machines.  Includes new (not refurbished) parts including coils, shrouds, fans, compressor, wiring, high-end thermostat, tubing, capillary tubing, etc.
  • Designed to be installed in Vintage Vendo, VMC, Cavalier, and Westinghouse Machines and cooler chests.
  • Comes on a metal base plate that can be bolted to your machine frame.
  • Systems are prewired. Use a standard 110-volt plugin and are ready to run.  We will provide a “hot wire” for your accessories such as lights or electric coin mechs if your model requires it.
  • Systems come charged with 134A Refrigerant and are ready to be installed.
  • These systems are not an exact reproduction of the original.  They are designed to fit or “drop-in” as a replacement cooling system for your vintage coke machine.
  • Your new refrigeration system takes about 7-12 days to build test and ship out.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Which Machines Do These Systems Fit?    Order Now

  • These compressor cooling units are custom made to fit in these models of Vintage Coke and Pepsi cola drink machines:
  • Vendo, Vendolator, VMC Models Vendo 33, Vendo 39,  Vendo 44,  Vendo 56, Vendo 63, Vendo 80, Vendo 81, Vendo 90, Vendo 110 and others.      
  • Vendo 39, Vendo 81 , Vendo 44 and Vendo 110 are the most popular cooling decks
  • Cavalier CS, CSS, USS 64, CS 72, CS, USS 96, USS 8 64 , C51 and others.  Cavalier 72 is the most popular
  •  Westinghouse 42T, Dial a Matic WC-78M, DWC-42, WD5 Cooler box, WD10, WH-22T, WC-60-MC, WH-12T, and other cooler chests.
  • Chest coolers from most Westinghouse, and Cavalier units
  • Email us if your model is not listed.  We can do any unit where the lines do not run through a wall.

Can I Install It Myself?

  • If you install it, some mechanical ability is required.  If you are not comfortable, you can hire a local refrigeration person.
  • See installation directions.

Price and Ordering Details

  • An uninstalled system shipped to you or picked up – $899! Free Shipping to the USA
  • Contact us with questions or information on a system that is not listed on the ordering page.

What Brand Machine Do You have