Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does my old cooling system just need freon?  Or do I need a whole system?

If your old cooling system does not cool, it can several things.   One that many ask is does it just need freon.  Maybe it does just need to be charged, contact a refrigeration person to check it.   However, note that these systems are sealed.  This means that if you are low on freon it is most likely because there is a leak.  So your local repair person will have to leak check it, fix the leak, and then fill it with the old freon.  R12 is still available, but it is expensive.   You may be good to go, or it may leak again.   But remember the compressor is 70 years old and will give out at some point.    We recommend buying a new vintage drink cooling system unit if possible to eliminate wasting money on repairs.   It can also be a thermostat issue, or the fans are not working, or the compressor itself is broken.  There is a good article on this subject here

2.  What temperature should my Coke machine get down to?

Put a thermometer in the center of the can or bottle area to test it.  Most people like to have their drinks in the 38-degree range.  Under 40 degrees is acceptable.  We suggest using a thermometer to adjust the temperature.   You would want the thermostat to turn off the compressor at around 36-38, and have it turn back on at around 43 degrees. If you set to too cold, you can freeze the lines or freeze the drinks and then will crack them open and make a mess when they get above freezing.

Side Note:  If your evaporator is freezing up with ice, read this article from our friends at Soda City 

3.  Why can’t I buy a cheap cooling deck on eBay for my machine?

A couple of reasons.  One is they do not fit correctly, or may not fit at all.   Our systems are designed to fit properly in your old Coke or Pepsi machine.   Second, is airflow.   Our systems are designed to properly move the air through your liner so your drinks cool correctly.

4.  How do I install my new vintage cooling system from  

We have compiled a page for installation tips here. 

4.  If my old compressor is working, is it safe?

Not necessarily.   It is extremely important that you check the wiring before you plug it in.  The casing on old wire crumbles over time, and we find many old systems have damaged or exposed hot wires.  If this is the case, do not use it until you rewire it.

5.  How many AMPS do the new cooling systems draw?

Most of our systems draw under 3 amps.

6.  I have a light in my door, will you provide a hot wire to hook up for the light?  And for the electric coin mech?


7.  Are your systems exact reproductions of the original?

No, they are close but not exact.  We use all new parts.  However, they are designed to fit into your antique drink machine and move the air properly.

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