WURLITZER W64 44 Repairs

We will fix your Wurlitzer W64  ( also known as a Wurlitzer 44)  compressor or cooling system.   

You will ship the whole bottom section with the compressor to us in FL, we will get it cooling again and ship it back to you. 

About the Wurlitzer W64 machine:   This machine was to be a modern replica of the classic Vendo 44 Coke machine from the 1950s.   It is remarkably close to the original on the exterior.  But the cooling system and electronics are all modern inside.   

Unfortunately finding someone to repair the cooling system, or replace the compressor on them is difficult.   We have over 30 years of experience in cooling systems, and we can fix yours.   

You will need to ship part of the machine to us or bring it by our shop in FL. 

Please contact us for details and estimated pricing before you ship. 

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